What two pieces of evidence are brought out against Proctor in regard to his Christian nature?

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There are probably more that two, but initially in Act One, a sizeable faction of Parris's congregation questions his moral authority and true religiousity because of his perceived mercenary nature (as evidence, see the exchange in Act One over his salary and the argument over the deed to his house). They question his Christian nature because of his ownership of slaves (Tituba is his slave) and because he is compelled to call for outside help, in the form of other preachers, to deal with the accusations of withcraft in his community.


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Brought out against proctor...

If you go to abington High school, and if you have Mr. simmons.. the answer is this...

in Court, they use 3 things agains proctor

i have only found two so far.. hope this gives you a start...         1. one of his children have not been baptized

                  2. He only goes to church once a mounth, and plows his feilds on sundays