What are two numbers that add up to 36 and when they're in proportional format equal 3/4? For example, 2 numbers that add up to 24 and when they're in proportional format equal 2, are 16 and 8.

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When numbers are in proportion to each and in reduced form, then at some point they had to have a number in common that would then reduce to 3/4.

Consider this number x.  So, before it was reduced, we know that the proportion looked like this:  3x/4x and we also know that the sum is 36.  Therefore, 3x + 4x =36

Thus, 7x = 36 and x = 36/7

Putting this back into the proportion of 3/4, you have 3(36/7) and 4(36/7), which means the two numbers are:

108/7 and 144/7.

This process is used quite a bit in Geometry in the study of proportional figures and angles.

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