What two mistakes are obvious as chapter 17 begins?

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The mistake that I believe that you are asking about is the mistake in thinking that giving Bud a lot of work to do is punishment.  It is not a punishment.  Bud relishes doing the work that they give him.  They also make the mistake in thinking that Bud will slack off in the chores that they gave him.  He does not slack off in his chores.  In fact, Bud goes above and beyond in his cleaning duties.  He mops the floors and wipes the tables and sweeps up.  At no point does he think it is tedious, boring work either.  Bud is able to stay motivated and work hard at his task, because he turns his cleaning into an adventurous game.  He imagines that the mop and bucket are representative of Nemo and his submarine for example.  

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