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What are two major explanations for why we have a two-party system in the United States? Explain how political parties in Europe are very different from our own.  Which party system do you prefer, the one in Europe or in the United States? Why? 

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The political system established by the "Founding Fathers," as set forth in the Constitution of the United States, is distinct from the parliamentary systems prevalent throughout most of the rest of the democratic world. That the American political system is dominated by two major parties is also a product of the constitutional system established at the nation's founding. Article II of the Constitution establishes the office of the Chief Executive, or president, but stipulates that the president shall be elected by what we know as the Electoral College. Why is that important? Because the system of majority rule embedded within the nation's fabric naturally leads to contests pitting two major political entities against each other. This differs from parliamentary systems where multiple parties compete for seats in the legislature and negotiate arrangements among and with each other in order to be able to form a majority and, consequently, a government.

So, the main reason that the United...

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