Driver's Ed Questions and Answers
by Caroline B. Cooney

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What are the two main problems Remy and Morgan face in "Driver's Ed" by: Caroline B. Cooney? The book is called "Driver's Ed" by: Caroline B. Cooney. The original question was state 6 problems that Remy and Morgan face through out the story. I have come up with 4. I would like some hints (page#, sentence, or word) NOT the exact answer.

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A fine question. Personally, I'm not sure how I'd come up with a list of six problems (specifically). They seem to have more than that, and different problems before and after the accident.

You asked for hints and tips, rather than specifics, so I'll point you in the following directions:
Growing up (getting along with families)
Growing up (learning to drive)
Growing up (learning to get along with the opposite sex)
Social pressure (politics, school, etc.)
Making Sense of What They Did (the moral meaning of the accident, what to do, etc.)
Nickie's threats (and what to do about them)
Finding ways to love, after
Dealing with life while in great pain and guilt

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what is the theme of the book i realy need help