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by Saki

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What are the two main conflicts in "The Interlopers," how are they related and how are they solved?

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The two main conflicts in the story are man against man and man against nature. Specifically, the first conflict is Ulrich against Georg. Ulrich legally owns the land that once, three generations ago, was under the control of Georg's family. Georg responds to the generational feud by poaching and hatred; Ulrich responds with equal hatred and guarding against Georg's poaching. This night, Ulrich suspects Georg's poachers are on the land because all the animals are restless and distressed:

The roebuck, which usually kept in the sheltered hollows during a storm-wind, were running like driven things to-night....

The second conflict is Ulrich and Georg both against the fierce winter storm. Its raging, roaring wind sends catastrophe on their heads when a beech branch breaks and crashes on them while they stand face-to-face with raging urges. They both want to end the feud through murder. Now, not only is each man raging in the company of his greatest foes, each is held helplessly captive by the raging...

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