What are two literary devices in Little Women? Are there any?  

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Literary devices serve as means to state words in a colorful or expressive order.  The book Little Women makes use of literary devices throughout the book.

For example, personification is used in this passage found in chapter 2 of the novel.

"and the winter sunshine crept in to touch the bright heads and serious faces with a Christmas greeting."

The words give intent to demonstrate that the winter sunshine is able to move by creeping and can have a voice with which to extend a greeting; human characteristics.

In the book Jo uses a type of hair iron on Meg's hair and burns it badly.  The author relates Meg's hair burned hair to black pancakes.  This is an example of a metaphor where one thing is being compared to something that it is not really like.

"I'm so sorry, but the tongs were too hot, and so
I've made a mess," groaned poor Jo, regarding the little black pancakes with tears of regret".

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