What are the "Two Kinds"? People? Ambitions? Something else?\

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In Amy Tan's "Two Kinds," the two kinds refer to personalities, ambitions, and values.  Jing-mei's mother wanted her daughter to excel in piano, and she did everything in her power to see that her daughter practiced and took her lessons seriously.  However, Jing-mei does not have the natural talent required for excelling in piano, and she does not want to follow the strict orders of her mother.  Jing-mei wants her mother to be proud of her, like her Auntie Lindo is of her own daughter Waverly, yet she shies away from taking her mother's orders. Jing-mei feels like she is a disappointment to her mother, not realizing that her mother simply wants the best for her.  Here, Jing-mei and her mother exhibit their two personalities at odds because they have different ambitions and values. 

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