What two houses were approximatley three minutes apart in Walk Two Moons?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Margaret Cadaver's house and the Euclid house Salamanca and her father live in are approximately three minutes apart.

When Salamanca Hiddle and her father move to Euclid, Ohio, the first place they stop is at Mrs. Cadaver's house. Salamanca is not happy about either the move or Margaret Cadaver, and when they leave the woman's house "at last", they drive

"for approximately three minutes. Two blocks from Margaret Cadaver's (is ) the place where (Salamanca and her father are) now going to live."

Phoebe Winterbottom lives next door to Mrs. Cadaver, so it can be said that Phoebe's house and Salamanca's are approximately three minutes apart as well.

Salamanca's mother has died, and her father is haunted by reminders of her presence at their home in Bybanks, Kentucky. Mrs. Cadaver arranges for Salamanca and her father to have a change of scenery to help Mr. Hiddle cope with the reality of his wife's death, assisting him in finding a job and a place to live in Euclid. Salamanca is devastated by the loss of her mother, and angry at having to leave the home she loves. She is also resentful of Margaret Cadaver, misunderstanding her relationship with her father, and is not happy that she and her father live in such close proximity to the woman whom she considers to be an interloper (Chapter 3).