What are two geographical processes that make water management an important issue in Australia

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crmhaske eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As with most places in the world, the demand for water exceeds the supply in Australia, a problem which gets increasingly worse as the population grows.  For this reason water management is of large importance to the continued survival of Australia as a prosperous, first world nation.  The increasing prevalence of drought in Australia with climate change puts all the more pressure on the government to implement strict water management protocols.  A major concern is the protection of waterways from pollution, erosion, and increases in salinity.  Pollution is abetted by the run-off of pesticides used in agriculture, and by drought that, among other things, increases erosion and the predominance of still water.  As a consequence of drought, irrigation (watering crops to supplement low rainfall) has become overused causing the soil salinity to increase.  This in turn increases the salinity of the water the soil runs off and erodes into rendering it increasingly undrinkable.