What are two forwards with which the audience is left at the end of act 1?

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Krogstad will blackmail Nora. He will threaten to share the secret of the loan. Krogstad is a desperate man. He is trying to keep his job at the bank. If Nora does not help Krogstad keep his position at the bank, Krogstad will reveal the whole truth to Torvald about Nora's illegal loan.

Nora will beg Torvald to keep Krogstad on at the bank. Torvald will not hear of it. In fact, he will think that Nora is overstepping her boundaries. Of course, he will later reason this out that Nora is only protecting him, not really trying to save Krogstad. After all, Torvald believes in himself. He would never dream that Nora had procured a loan from Krogstad. Torvald has a reputation to uphold. He will devise any theory that he must to protect his unblemished reputation.

When Nora realizes that she cannot convince Torvald to keep Krogstad on at the bank, she will become desperate. She will contemplate suicide out of her desperation. She believes in Torvald so much until she will consider herself unfit as a mother to raise the children, as he has suggested.

Mrs. Linde will help Nora by trying to prevent Krogstad from blackmailing Nora. After all, Mrs. Linde and Krogstad were extremely close at one time. The two courted one another way back before Mrs. Linde married a financially stable man out of desperation. Mrs. Linde will try to help Nora at first. She will use her persuasion to convince Krogstad to stop his action of blackmailing Nora.

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