What are two examples of foreshadowing from "The Necklace"?Guy de Maupassant's "The Necklace"

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With foreshadowing being the use of hints or clues to suggest action to come, the dissastifaction of Madame Loisel with her life as the wife of a clerk in the Ministry of Education sets the tone for what the remainder of her life will become.

While she is elated to have the necklace of Mme. Forestier for the party, and she is the center of attention there, afterwards, Madame Loisel hurries down the stairs lest the other women see her shabby wrap.  When she and her husband cannot find a cab and they walk along the Seine, they are "disconsolate and shivering."  Their emotions soon will be most disconsolate when Mme. Loisel discovers that the necklace has fallen from her.

As her husband goes out to retrace their steps on foot, Mme. Loisel remains in her evening clothes, "\

without the strength to go to bed, slumped in a chair in the unheated room, her mind a blank.

This passage suggests that Mme. Loisel's life as she has known it has ended, and hers will be a desperate existence if her husband cannot find the necklace.

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