What are two examples of sacrifice in the play Macbeth?

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Macbeth's sacrifices in the play are not numerous.  In all actuality, Macbeth's sacrifices are forced by his actions.  First, after Macbeth murders Duncan, Macbeth finds that he can no longer sleep.  Therefore, Macbeth has sacrificed sleep to insure his claiming of the crown. Second, Macbeth sacrifices his sanity.  As he becomes more and more murderous, Macbeth loses his sanity.  Therefore, to gain the crown, and keep the crown, Macbeth sacrifices his sanity.

While sacrifice is typically looked at as something done for the better, here, Macbeth's sacrifices have very negative outcomes.  Yes, Macbeth looks at gaining the crown as positive.  The problem lies with the sacrifices he must make to gain and keep the crown.


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Another two ideas:

-Lady Macbeth and Macbeth sacrifice their morals by killing many innocent people.

-Lady Macbeth sacrifices her sanity and happiness by murdering many and feeling so guilty from it that she dies because of it

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