What are two examples of Perpeteia in Oedipus the King?  Line numbers would be appreciated.

epollock | Student

Peripeteia or a "reversal" or turning point" occurs throughout the story innumerable times. Even in the very beginning by sending Creon to the Oracle at Delphi, Creon returns with bad news that Oedipus doesn't want to listen to. Also, Tiresias knows everything already but has tried to make himself forget. By Oedipus accusing Tiresias of being in a conspiracy with Creon, turns the play deeper and deeper into Oedipus'sdarkness. Oedipus even subconsciously realizes that he is probably part of his own downfall when others mention bandits killed Laius and he repeats "bandit" as singular, twice. Also, Jocasta is quick to learn of the situation and tries to stop Oedipus from revealing any more part of the story of how he was found on the hilltop and rescued.


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