What were some of the strengths of an Orthodox Jewish family passed on to Ruth's children?

mkcapen1 | Student

In the novel The Color of Water Ruth was raised by a father who was a Rabbi in a Jewish community.  Ruth's father did not do a very good job of representing faith to Ruth.  He was a mean and manipulative man who treated her disabled mother very badly.

One of the things that Ruth did gain from the Orthodox faith was the importance of education.  In the Jewish faith education is considered as the key to a better world.  Ruth passed this on to her own children by being very strict with them about their education.  She taught them that there were only two things they needed God and Education.

When Ruth addressed the importance of God with her children she was really basing it on her belief in the Christian faith.  Her own experiences with the Jewish faith had been rather difficult and she saw it as a restrictive faith versus a faith based on love.