What are two examples of foreshadowing in The Pearl by John Steinbeck?  

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Foreshadowing, or hinting at what is to come in a narrative, often generates some tension that may subtly alert readers to the beginning of an important development of the plot. One example of foreshadowing comes in Part VI with Coyotito's name itself, which means "little coyote."

Much of the action, conflicts, and complications develop from the baby's scorpion bite. Kino dives for the great pearl so that he can pay for a doctor's care for his little son; when he succeeds, he takes the great pearl he has found to the city. But, there are evil men who want to steal this great pearl, and they track him when Kino and his family flee. Kino's plan to ambush these men trailing him and his family is foiled just as Kino is almost upon them. When Coyotito whimpers, the men believe that they have heard a coyote pup, and one of the trackers shoots in the direction of the sound. Sadly, he kills the baby.

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The first line of the story tells you that it is a story of how the pearl was found and lost again, so you know right away that Kino does not keep the pearl, but you do not know how.  We are also told that the story is a parable, which tells us that someone learns a lesson.

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