A People's History of the United States Questions and Answers
by Howard Zinn

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In A People's History of the United States, what examples of conflict between the rich and the poor existed in the colonies?  

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Since Zinn is a marxist, it is not surprising that we should find many examples of conflict between rich and poor in the colonies discusses in his book.  Two such examples can be seen in his discussion of Bacon's Rebellion (Chapter 3) and the discontent that led to the Revolutionary War...

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whewnotsaved | Student

Distinguished editor?  Are you serious?  This dude belongs on Fox News.  This is where educators come and they aren't getting an objective account of this history, and probably current history based on this writing.  I am a retired high school history teacher and this person's bias is a huge part of the problem!  WOW!!!

whewnotsaved | Student

This response is biased, responder is hung up about Zinn's political views rather than the facts.  Thanks so much for having me waste my one item per day on my membership.  What happened, without regard for a 'point of view' is extremely similar to the circumstances in the U.S. today.  We have the 1% with the 99%, revolting with 'occupations' against more than class differences, but the private wealth, corporations, banks, wall street, and more running this country, knocking out the middle class, an oligarchy is alive and well instead of our government.  The Constitution is being stomped on and atrocities are being committed against the people and we are now in a crisis situation, much like that during the time preceding the rebellion.  The people here are already practicing civil disobedience en masse, while their property and civil rights are being stolen, with the 'owned' government letting this happen.

We don't need 'agitators' to stir up a wronged people.  The new 'right' wants to go back to the pre-Bacon Rebellion Days, right down to the last detail, making women second class citizens, along with everyone else who isn't a part of 'the elite'.

Would these parallels NOT have been noted if Zinn was of another political ideology?  Would the facts have differed?  Shame on this poster.  THIS IS the kind of bias that is eating away at our republic, destroying our democracy, and if something is not done soon, we will be again living in puritanical times.

I was looking for a great summation of that time in history as it parallels ours today...  in how history really does repeat itself, even though with all our technology today, this could be bringing death to the planet and we need to turn it around.  PEOPLE are the decision makers and the few elites have taken our right to make decisions regarding THE PEOPLE, as something in the past.