What are the two different types of lobbying methods and what is considered direct lobbying techniques? 

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The two different kinds of lobbying are direct and indirect lobbying. 

Indirect lobbying occurs when the interest group communicates with the people who then get in touch with the people who make the laws.  An example of this would be if there were a gun control law proposed and the NRA encouraged its members and other people in the community to write to or call their Congresspeople to urge them not to support the bill.

Direct lobbying occurs when a representative of an interest group directly contacts members of government to try to get them to act in the way that the interest group prefers.  One example of a direct lobbying technique would be if a lobbyist hired by an agricultural interest group might schedule a meeting with a senator from Iowa or with the senator’s staff to try to persuade them to support a farm subsidy bill.  Another technique would be if the interest group wrote a bill and then brought it to the senator and asked him or her to consider introducing the bill in Congress.  A third technique would be to contribute money to a legislator’s campaign fund.  An interest group might give a lot of money to a super PAC that supports a given legislator.  They would then hope to gain access to that legislator so they could try to persuade him or her to support their goals.  All of these are examples of direct lobbying techniques.

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