What two corporate social responsibility measures can a company take to conduct business in Brazil?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Corporate social responsibility is the idea that companies ought to be concerned with things other than their own desire to make profit.  They should be concerned with acting in ways that will help the society in which they operate.  In looking at this issue with respect to Brazil, we must ask what sorts of issues face Brazilian society that could be helped or harmed by the actions of a company.

One major societal issue in Brazil is the pervasiveness of corruption.  Government officials in the country are known for their tendency to demand bribes.  This is a major obstacle to imposing the rule of law and to economic growth.  Therefore, one thing that a firm can do is to have a strict anti-corruption policy.  If the firm refuses to pay bribes, it can help the Brazilian government cut down on corruption.

Another societal issue is the disparity in life chances between white and black Brazilians.  This is an issue that is very important because there are a large number of Brazilians descended in at least some part from slaves.  What firms can do, then, is to ensure that they have strict policies against discrimination.  They can seek out black trainees so that they can bring them up through the ranks.  In short, they can try to help Brazil solve its racial issues.

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