What are two conflicts, their resolution, and who do they involve?

Expert Answers
anthonda49 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main conflict is within Scrooge, coming to terms with his bitterness toward life. In his spirit guided journey through life, past and present, he is reminded of the good things that did happen. At present, all he seems affected by are the loss of family, sister, lover, and friends. By devoting himself to business and making money, those losses might be overcome. His journey to the future allows him to glimpse what could be if he does not change his ways-the death of a dear young child, and his own death alone and unrespected.

Scrooge also resolves the conflict that distances himself from his nephew. The painful loss of his sister, the only family member who truly cared for him, makes associating with his nephew painful. To avoid that pain, he does not see his nephew. Through his journeys with the spirits, his sense of family and love is revived. He accepts the invitation to Christmas dinner with his nephew's family and begins to build the ties that will make him remembered and respected upon his death. Love for others and perhaps himself is rekindled.