What are two characteristics of fluids

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electreto05 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A fluid, is a continuous medium consisting of a substance whose molecules have a very weak attractive force between them. The "fluid" term includes liquids and gases, which, unlike solids, can change its shape easily.

One feature of the fluids is the "absence of shape memory"; this means that they take the shape of its container and not tend to recover its previous form, as in the case of a solid.

Another property is the viscosity, which describes the rate of deformation of the fluid when subjected to external forces. The viscosity of the gas is lower than that of liquids. You can see that an object moves more easily into a container filled with air, than in the same container filled with water. Similarly, an object moves more easily in water than in honey because water is less dense and deforms more easily than honey.

In conclusion, two fluid characteristics are “Viscosity” and the “Absence of shape memory”.

aishukul | Student

There are many characteristics of fluids: 

  1. Fluids don't have a specific shape since they simply take the shape of the container they're in.

When water is poured into a glass, it takes the shape of the glass. When water is poured into a flask, it takes the shape of the flask.

    2. They have viscosity=how much resistance a fluid has for flowing.

Some fluids like honey have a higher viscosity while water has a lower viscosity.

syther19 | Student

Fundamental characteristics of fluid:

- They have the ability to take shape of the container they are kept in.

- They have the tendency to flow in the direction of an applied force like gravity.