What are two character traits for the son in The Road?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the son features a couple of distinct character traits.  The first is that he is dependent on his father.  The son does not go against the father's warnings or instructions.  He is shown to be absolutely devoted to his father, whom he recognizes is his only world in this post- apocalyptic setting.  It is this dependence that allows the boy to gain strength, internally and physically, in terms of being able to cope with the challenges posed to he and his father.  As the story progresses, he begins to assert his own strength, capable of taking care of both his father and himself.  It is here where I think we can find another trait of the boy.  He shows maturation in both his physical composition and his emotional frame of reference.  This maturation causes him to be able to control his own fears when his father becomes ill and assume the status of a man in a world where those who are not savvy and mature are victimized.  Part of this maturation involves being able to care for others and recognizing that this does not trade off with his own well being.  It is in this growth that we see another aspect of the boy's character displayed throughout the course of the narrative.