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What are the two centers of Jewish worship?

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Typically speaking, Judaism focuses the worshipping aspect of religion on two major centers: love of God (synagogue) and love of family (home).

Love of God is easiest to understand; like many religions, God plays the most significant religious role in Judaism. Understanding, acceptance, and fear/respect of God are all extremely important to the Jewish faith. Without a personal relationship with God, there is no connection with the broader history and community of Jews around the world; this connection is part of what has allowed Jews to persist over generations with the bulk of their traditions intact. Love of God is integral to prayer and is seen in synagogue services, where singing of prayer is standard practice.

Love of family is also normal for many religions, but for Jews the family is the most important part of life outside of the religion itself. The family is, by its very nature, an extension of the Jewish faith, as each member represents all others. By living daily life through the Talmud and Torah, the Jewish family seeks to teach all observers how Judaism is a moral and spiritual base. The Jewish home is considered a minor place of worship, in that prayer and study are performed inside its walls, and is intended to provide a stable and loving environment through which the lessons of the Torah are furthered.

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