What are the two California Propositions for this year’s election that aim to prevent tampering with district boundaries?

Expert Answers
martinjmurphy eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The answer to this question is a bit complex. First, a little background is necessary.  In 2008, Proposition 11 in California established the Citizens Redistricting Commission.  This 14 member commission, made up of Democrats, Republicans, and representatives of neither party, would replace the state legislature in drawing up the boundaries for the state’s 120 legislative districts and four Board of Equalization districts. Previously, the state legislature determined these boundaries.

There are two propositions on the California ballot in 2010 that deal with district boundaries.  First is Proposition 20.  This would turn over the responsibility of drawing boundaries for California’s districts in the U.S. House of Representatives to the Citizens Redistricting Commission established in 2008 by Proposition 11.

The second is Proposition 27.  This proposition would eliminate the Citizens Redistricting Commission and return the responsibility of determining state legislative and Board of Equalization districts back to the state legislature.

If both propositions pass, the one receiving the greatest number of “yes’ votes would be the only one to go into effect.