What are two arguments people have made IN FAVOR of remaining part of the British Empire?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There were several reasons why some colonists wanted to remain a part of the British Empire.  One factor was that some believed it was reasonable for the British to do the things they were doing. These people believed it was reasonable for Britain to have the colonists pay some of the costs of running the colonies. These people believed the colonists were benefiting from some of the things that Britain provided. One example would be military protection.  They also believed some of the unpopular laws were actually designed to protect the colonists. One example of this would be the Proclamation of 1763.

Another reason why people wanted to remain a part of the British Empire is they believed there would be several problems if the colonists got their freedom. They knew that running a government is a very difficult job. It is expensive and requires much sacrifice for the common good. They were concerned that money would be an issue. They also knew there were big differences between the colonists and feared the colonists might have trouble resolving them.  They also knew that victory against the British was unlikely, and things could worsen with defeat.

The colonists had legitimate reasons for wanting to remain a part of the British Empire.

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