What Twitter accounts could I follow that would help me with my academics?

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askteacherz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Twitter Use for Students' Academic Success:

Every company, museum and/or learned institution has a twitter account. Use the search tool on twitter to find those that are helpful. Building a Learning Community (PC) is vital to using twitter as a an academic tool. Many educators have embraced the power of twitter as just such a tool; as we have @askteacherzcom as well. Find an account and look through their follower list; read the individual bios of each twitter account and build a personalized PC.

Perhaps more than following a particular twitter user it may be more helpful to find homework twitter chats?

Twitter chats are a useful manner to gain useful followers and actually carry on conversations with other students or educators to assist in furthering ones academic prowess. Twitter users follow a particular hash-tag (# symbol in front of a word or term) stream. Tweets are used with that hash-tag to communicate with others instantaneously.

As of now there's very little out there in the form of student led twitter chats. One that has some merit at this time is #StuVoice. However, that doesn't mean it can't be done. Any student or group of students could form a student chat... It could be a great tool for learning. Our #CollabEd Chat web-page contains poignant information for developing a PC and how to get involved in chats... we'd love to help students form just such a venture.

StephanieRR | Student

@MSFTAcademic-  Microsoft Academic Research twitter. You can ask questions and they will help you find the resources to help answer them. They provide, to quote the twitter account description, "academic content, researchers, institutions, an activities [to the academic community].

@MITNews has technology news from the school as well as research resources in relevant fields.

@thewordoftheday is one I am including to specifically encourage anyone looking to improve vocabulary or writing skills, or really any skills revolving around language, to check. While it doesn't actually update every day, this twitter is great for learning words that are sure to help you improve your speaking, writing, and even reading skills. Plus, if you are just looking for a way to impress your friends with a few flashy words, this would be a great place to learn how to do that, too.

@DiscoveryEd has live streams for academic subjects, virtual field trips, and other educational resources.

Doing a paper on history? Try seeing if there is a twitter for a particular historical figure or event. For example, @RealTimeWWII posts about WWII as if it is currently happening, or you can look into the life of Samuel Pepys during the Great Fire of London at @samuelpepys. Obviously you should always check what is being posted in this way, but it might be helpful to generate ideas for a paper topic or give you some neat inside information about your already chosen topic.

Then of course there is @enotes! If you want an extra source outside of their main website, eNotes has its own twitter account where you can send in your homework questions to get live help. Also, if you keep an eye out you might get a chance to score some free Homework credits, which will indirectly help you by giving you the means to ask question in Homework Help right here! 

Something that is not an actual Twitter account, but can help you use Twitter for academics, is twitterfall.com. You can type in a keyword and it will bring up twitter posts (sorry, I just can't bring myself to use the word "tweet) containing information on that keyword. It can help narrow your search if you are having trouble finding entire accounts dedicated to educational information.

You could also take a look at this very helpful link, which lists several education-related twitter accounts: http://www.twibes.com/category/education

You might also want to consider getting together with students in your particular class and setting up a twitter account for homework support and discussing class topics. Be sure to alert your teacher or professor about this idea, though, as they might have rules for that sort of thing.

Wiggin42 | Student

My favorite Twitter accounts to follow: 

@numberphile This is the account for the youtube channel of the same name and they post awesome logic puzzles, mind benders, and cool math "tricks" using number theory. I find their videos especially helpful on learning properties of Series and Sequences. 

@mathprobs Fairly self explanatory; they post math problems. Its not too difficult to solve them and its fun getting a totally random math problem to solve. (Reminds me how much I've forgotten!)

@PopSci They post articles from the Popular Science magazine and foster discussion. I love reading about new technologies. Its eye opening to see real life applications of what we learn in our physics and chemistry classes. 

@TheScienceGuy We all remember Bill Nye the Science Guy and now we can follow him on Twitter! His posts are more science activism and science education news. 

@neiltyson This is Neil deGrasse Tyson's twitter account and has all the updates for  the new version of Carl Sagan's show, Cosmos. It also has fun astronomy updates that mirror @NASA. 

@BBCBreaking, @TIME, @cnn, @nprnews These are some of the best news outlets to follow on Twitter. You can also look for your local news outlet. My school offers a 20th Century Topics/Current Events class and those students recommended these to me. 

amysor | Student

Twitter can be extremely beneficial for school, especially for high school juniors and seniors who are college bound and need help during the college application process! @CollegeBoard is great especially to know AP Dates! They also tweet a lot of helpful advice for college. @CollegeBoard and @FAFSA are good accounts to follow on college application tips. There are also many other accounts to just improve your knowledge like @MentalFloss, that just give you random facts. Other accounts are @NASA, @thewordoftheday, etc. 

parama9000 | Student

Mostly that are associated with BBC and Discovery.