What are the TV programs like?  How are they similar to modern programs?  

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To me, the television programs in this book are not much like our modern programs at all.  They are more like substitute friends for the people in the book (especially Millie).  Or they are just background noise.

We know that sometimes Millie gets to interact with the characters -- that she has a "part" in the program.  And we know that she talks about the people in the programs as if they are her family.  But she also does not really know what the programs were about.

"What's the play about?"

"I just told you. There are these people named Bob and Ruth and Helen."

So it doesn't seem as if they really have plots like our programs today.  Or if they do, they're not very memorable.

In addition, sometimes the wall is just showing things like music and fireworks.

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