What do the Tucks decide to do with Winnie after they take her to their cottage in Natalie Babbitt's Tuck Everlasting?

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In Natalie Babbitt's young reader's novel Tuck Everlasting, prior to the Tuck family's arrival at their cottage, they planned to bring Winnie to the cottage, explain to her the importance of keeping their secret, and then immediately return her safely to her home. However, the man in the yellow suit foiled all their plans.

The Tuck family successfully brought Winnie home to talk to the father of the family, Angus Tuck. Tuck even very successfully explains to Winnie why the spring is an evil danger no one should learn about, not a virtue. As Tuck explains, immortality ruins the circle of life. Due to the circle of life, things are "always growing and changing, and always moving on," and immortality robs those who have immortality of the same precious chance to "grow and change." In addition, immortality can be very dangerous in the hands of dangerous people. It doesn't take Winnie long to see how dangerous it would be for all the world to live forever, and she was very prepared to keep their secret.

However, the man in the yellow suit, who turns out to be Jesse's grown grandson, kidnaps the Tucks' immortal horse with the intention of blackmailing Winnie's family for possession of their woods in exchange for bringing Winnie home. His ultimate goal is to find out where the spring is to turn it into a lucrative business. He offers the Tucks a chance to take part or, as Jesse phrases it, a chance to be "freaks ... in a patent-medicine show." When they refuse, the man in the yellow suit takes Winnie, knowing she knows where the spring is.

The Tucks' plans to protect Winnie are further foiled when Mae shoots the man in the yellow suit and is arrested by the constable. Later, it is Winnie who comes up with the idea that, after Jesse and Miles rescue their mother from jail, Winnie takes Mae's place in jail. The constable will see her and mistake her for Mae, which will give the Tucks even more time to escape.

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