What is TTOMI?TTOMI is a type of fertilization topic i think...

suprabhatdas | Student

T.T.O.M.I. is Tubal Transfer of Oocytes Micro-Injected.

revolution | Student

Yes, it is a highly advanced fertilization technique which involves the process of invirtro fertilization, that uses microinjection of six oocytes into the fallopian tube to boost fertilization speed of the egg and the sperm, and later goes to the uterus to mate with the egg, to produce a baby without direct intercourse. First, to nurture the oocytes, preventing it from being infected with chemicals or harmful agents, they are stored into cryobanks and undergoes incubation and other treating techniques, to protect it.

lit24 | Student

The expansion for T.T.O.M.I. is Tubal Transfer of Oocytes Micro- Injected.

This is a highly advanced method of invitro fertilization by means of endoscopic techniques.

In this method the oocyte is first collected via the transvaginal route and then 'vitrified' and stored in a cryobank. When it is required by the patient it is thawed, incubated and then fertilized and cultured and then transferred to the uterus of the patient.

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