What is True Son's reaction when he is told by his Indian father that he must return to his birth family in The Light in the Forest?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

True Son is not happy when he learns that he has to go back to his birth parents, whom he considers his enemy.

True Son considers his Indian family his real family.  The “alien whites” are his enemy.  Even though he was kidnapped from his birth family by the Indians, he does not consider the Indians his captors.  They are his real family.

The day his father told him, the boy made up his mind.  Never would he give up his Indian life.  Never! (ch 1, p. 10)

True Son tries to blacken his face and run off into the woods, but his father tracks him down and ties him up in the cabin.  True Son finds it frustrating and humiliating to be taken back and tied up “like some prisoner to be burned at the stake.”  He had to be dragged away twisting and yelling.

A boy who does not remember his birth family is not going to be happy to go back to them.  To True Son, the Indians were his family.  There was even a ceremony where his white blood was replaced with Indian blood.  He is not ready to leave the Indian lifestyle.


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