What is the true message of The Hunger Games?

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Honestly, this question is an opinion question. Any given reader, who reads The Hunger Games, may come to the conclusion that the novel's message is very exact (in their mind), while another person may think something very different.

For myself, the true message of the novel is about not standing by when one determines the world to be an unfair place and acting upon one's frustrations in order to insure change.

As seen with Katniss' dissatisfaction with the games and the Capitol, her desire to challenge both speaks to the fact that she is not happy with what is happening in her community and world. Her desire to challenge the games and the Capitol speaks to the fact that she believes change needs to come.

Other people, who may read the novel through different critical lenses (psychoanalytical, feminist, reader-response, etc) may have very different ideas about the true message.

Fortunately, this is the beauty of any piece (song, poem, novel, or short story): the message for the reader is not always the same and these differences allow readers to discuss the piece in greater depth with greater passion.

That being said, many authors tend to use themes to speak to the message of a piece. The themes of the novel have been referenced for you (click on the link provided below).

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I feel that the true message of the Hunger Games is that you have to be brave and not let your evils get the best of you. I think that as Katniss realizes this more throughout the story, she has to face some of the most horifying challages imaginable. She is taken from her family, forced to kill, and she watches her only true friend die.

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