What trouble do the Socs have that Cherry explains to Ponyboy?

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In chapter 2 of The Outsiders, Cherry Valance, a Soc girl who Ponyboy meets at the Dingo drive-in, tells Ponyboy about how life is not as easy for the Socs as it may appear. After Ponyboy tells her the story of his friend Johnny getting jumped by a group of Soc boys, Cherry says, "Not all of us are like that" (Hinton p34), and goes on to tell Ponyboy that the Socs have "troubles you've never even heard of" (Hinton p34), finishing by saying, "Things are rough all over" (Hinton p35). Cherry goes on to elaborate more on these troubles early in chapter 3, while she and Ponyboy walk to get Two-Bit's car after the movie. She tells Ponyboy it feels as if the Socs are "always going and going and going, and never asking where" (Hinton p38), and that "we're always searching for something to satisfy us, and never finding it" (Hinton p38). She also tells him about how she will lie to her friends about liking certain things, such as beer blasts, even though she really does not, just so she fits in with the crowd. Despite this exchange, it is not until later in the book, in chapter 7, when Ponyboy talks to another Soc, Bob's friend Randy, that he realizes Cherry was being honest about the Socs' problems when he says, "I remembered Cherry's voice: Things are rough all over. I knew then what she meant" (Hinton p117). 

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