what is the tropical wet climate's location and what are its characteristics?  The countries that are having a tropical wet climate. Does each characteristic of a country differ from an another

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stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Tropical wet climate zones can be further classified as having a tropical rainforest climate, a tropical monsoon climate, or a tropical wet and dry climate.

Most areas having a tropical rainforest climate receive significant amounts of precipitation throughout the year, although some areas do have a rainy season. Malaysia and Indonesia are examples of locations that have varied precipitation at different times of the year; Costa Rico, Colombia, and parts of Brazil are areas that have relatively uniform precipitation year round. Tropical rainforests are generally within ten degrees latitude of the equator.

The tropical monsoon climate is marked by a definite dry season caused by changes in the wind direction. In spite of the dry time, areas in this climate zone receive significant amounts of precipitation over the course of every year. Southern Florida, northern Australia, much of southern Asia and much of western Africa lies in the tropical monsoon climate zone.

The tropical wet and dry climate, which can also be called a savanna climate, is marked by a longer wet and dry season cycle. Areas in this zone receive less precipitation during dry seasons than areas in the tropical monsoon zones during the dry season. Mumbai, India, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Nigeria, Kenya, Sri Lanka are examples of areas having this type of climate.