What trophic level do you think is the most important in the ecosystem and why? What is biodiversity? Is it important? Relate biodiversity to the trophic levels.

orchid101 | Student

Trophic level, i.e, the interaction of food chain and the size metabolism relationship between the linearly arranged various biotic components of an ecosystem is characteristic of each type of ecosystem. The trophic structure and function at successive trophic levels, i.e. producers-herbivores-carnivores, may be shown graphically by means of ecological pyramids where the first or producer level constitutes the base of the pyramid.

Biodiversity can be defined as the genetic variability and diversity of life forms such as plants, animals and microbes.Biodiversity of a habitat is the sum total of variety of life found there.

jazzviers | Student
  • I think that the most important trophic level within the ecosystem is the first level: primary producers. This is the basic unit, these organisms can live without feeding off of another level. The only thing that these organisms need to survive is sunlight and water, which they can turn into energy themselves. We as humans as well as the other organisms feed off of this level, we need them to help the other levels produced which in turn helps up stay afloat.
    Biodiversity is the variety of living things found in the natural world. The concept usually refers to the different species but also includes ecosystems and the genetic diversity within a given species. Yes it is important, generally the more bio-diverse an environment is the healthier it is. If there is a high level within the first level: primary consumers/ autotrophs- plant level;  ther herbivores would have a big variety of vegetation to choose from. But if we take away all the vegetation by for example farming the biodiversity within the ecosystem will decrease which may wipe out some of the herbivores or second level, primary consumers that rely on those plants are their way or living through the food chain. Then the carnivores or second level/ secondary consumers/ decomposers would in turn be affected because the primary consumers that they feed off of are extinct.

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