What is Trofimov is revealing about future Russian politics in "The Cherry Tree."

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If we take Trofimov's role as the radical student who seeks change and strives for Russia's best, then his words serve as a very ominous reminder of what happens when the ideals of revolutionary activity are abandoned.  Essentially, Trofimov's words describe a world where power is the key operative.  Revolutionary fervor, transformation to something "higher," and the notion of transcendental and teleogical ends are absent in Trofimov's words.  The only constant that remains is that the future is geared by individuals who are either A) motivated by self- interested designs of power or B) individuals who can diagnose problems but lack the will or capacity to do anything about such situations.  In Trofimov's words are the basic idea of passivity and apathy winning out, creating a world where any hope of redemption or positive change is absent.  When Trofimov allows Anya to recognize that all of Russia is her orchard, it is moment where one sees the power of positive change.  This world that Trofimov is describing here is the opposite, as it is the realization that those who profess to be educated are hollow in their beliefs and will cling to the closest construct to power that will benefit their own standing in the "new Russia."

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