What were the tricks (ruses) used by both Odysseus and Penelope in part 2 of The Odyssey?

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This question is phrased somewhat problematically, considering the way in which The Odyssey is structured as an epic poem. The Odyssey is divided into twenty four books, of which the first four (The Telemachy) follows Odysseus's son, Telemachus. From that perspective, one must question what you refer to when you ask for examples from part 2. In a way, everything that follows Telemachy can be referred to as part 2, at which point we can discuss episodes from his lengthy voyages, for example, Odysseus's victory over Polyphemus (where he gets Polyphemus drunk and then blinds him, all while maintaining anonymity—until the episode's end, when he tells the cyclops who had bested him). I'm assuming, however, that by part 2, you mean the return to Ithaca itself.

Ultimately, Odysseus's adventures in Ithaca are carried out in disguise (for Athena transforms him into a beggar) and it is in that disguise that he returns to his stronghold, so that he could maneuver among his enemies, safe in...

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