What trick did the Cid play on the Jews? Why did the Infantes of Carreon marry the Cid's daughters? Why did the two Infantes treat the Cid's daughters so badly?

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In the great Castilian epic poem El Cantar de mio Cid (The Song of My Cid), composed in the twelfth or the thirteenth century by an unknown author, the main character, El Cid, loses favor with King Alfonso and is banished from the court. El Cid is given nine days to leave Castile. Unless he heeds the order, the king’s men will kill him. Gathering his family, soldiers, and vassals, he heads for Burgos. But the residents deny him shelter. Only Martin Antolinez sends them wine and bread and then joins El Cid’s camp himself. There is no money, and the soldiers need food. So El Cid decides to use deception. He says to Martin,

With your help I will make two chests, and we will fill them with sand, so that they be heavy, and they shall be covered with red leather and studded with gilt nails, and thou shalt go to Rachel and Vidas, and say that I cannot carry with me my treasure, for it is very weighty, and that I would pawn it for what may be reasonable. I call God and all his Saints to...

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