What are the tribes in Part Time-Indian and what are the people like in the tribe?

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wmche001 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Junior is part of the Spokane Indian tribe in the state of Washington.  He lives on the Spokane Indian reservation throughout the book with his parents and sister.

Enotes' own study guide sums up Junior's feelings on the tribe very well when it notes, "[Junior] discovers that alcohol is more important to most residents than an education is."  This is one of the major reasons Junior eventually decides to leave his high school on the reservation and instead attend Rearden. Junior also describes his parents as alcoholics mainly because of their frustration with their lives.

The people of the reservation are also impoverished.  Junior often talks dreamily about having access to food and money.  Junior's dog must also be put down by the family because they do not have enough money to take the dog to a vet.

Ultimately, the people of the reservation are a bit rough and tumble because they have little money, education and hope for a better life.

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