Triangle Law

What is the triangle law of vectors?

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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In physics, a vector is a scalar quantity that represents a magnitude and a direction.  The triangle law of vectors basically is a process that allows one to take two vectors, draw them proportional to each other, connect them head to tail, then draw the resultant vector as a result of the third side that is missing.  The third side of the triangle would represent the resultant vector as a combination of the two vectors given.

Vectors can be shown to represent different types of magnitudes, such as velocities and speed.  Vectors can be used to describe cardinal directions, or combinations of cardinal directions, such as north by northwest.  Vectors can also be used to describe spatial relationships between forces.  The triangle law of vector relationships is quite a useful tool in predicting resultant magnitude and direction.

senioreeto | Student

the triangle law of vectors is also called the 'head to tail rule'.its a method to find the resultant of 2 or more vectors.this law is stated below:

''draw the given two or more vectors in such a way that head of the 1st vector joins with the tail of the 2nd and so on,then the vector joining the tail of the 1st vector with the head of the last vector gives us the resultant of the given vectors''

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