What trials and tribulations does Salieri endure through the movie Amadeus?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Salieri does endure a challenging lot, but it truly is not a justification for his envy.  That being said, Salieri's fundamental challenge is that he loves music and loves the creation of it.  Yet, his talent is limited.  This limitation compels him to see the pure genius of Mozart and possess a sense of envy for it. When he and Mozart are composing the Requiem, Mozart asks Salieri if he believes in the "fire that never dies. " When Salieri admits he does, it is a revealing moment for us to fully grasp that his largest trial is that he is condemned to watch his life knowing that his music will die out and Mozart's will live forever.  It is this burden of knowing that the gods ended up blessing Mozart with musical genius, denying this to Salieri.  This becomes the fundamental trial that Salieri ends up absorbing throughout the film.