The Destructors Questions and Answers
by Graham Greene

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What is Trevor's background in "The Destructors"?

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Trevor comes from a respectable middle-class family that's fallen on hard times, and it is his deep resentment at coming down in the world that transforms Trevor into T and turns a nice middle-class boy into a juvenile delinquent.

It's ironic indeed that T's dad should be an architect, given that the lad plays the leading role in destroying such a precious piece of the nation's architectural heritage. The symbolism of T's leading the young hooligans of the Wormsley Common gang in wrecking Old Misery's house is hard to ignore. In carrying out such an act of wanton destruction, T is getting back at a society which has forced him and his family to live in such reduced circumstances. Society has turned its back on T and his family, so he will turn his back on society by attacking something that society regards as precious, something to be cherished and preserved.

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Trevor’s father is an architect who has “come down in the world” and his mother considers herself better than the neighbors.

Trevor, also known as T., takes over the gang from Blackie.  At first, they do not make fun of him even though everything about him means they usually would.  This is one of the reasons his name gets shortened to T.

He never wasted a word even to tell his name until that was required of him by the rules.

T has “an odd quality of danger” and exists in a “brooding silence.”  At first Blackie does not consider him a threat, because he does not seem to talk.  He even tries to keep him in the gang when he first mentions Old Misery’s place.  When T suggests destroying the house, Blackie loses control and the gang aligns with T.

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