What treaty brought an end to Queen Anne's War?

Expert Answers
osurpless eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Queen Anne's War, also known as the War of Spanish Succession in Europe, was brought to an end with the Treaty of Utrecht in 1712, which resulted in Britain gaining the territories of St. Kitts in the Caribbean, Newfoundland, and areas around Hudson Bay, among others.

The conflict stemmed for whose influence would dominate the Spanish throne following the death of Charles V, the childless and infirm ruler. Despite the Spanish name, in America the conflict was really the first of several proxy wars between Britain and France as well as several Indian tribes that each side counted as allies.

The war itself was typical of the time, but its results came to define further 18th century conflicts for the whole of the American continent, such as the French pressure on Cape Breton over fishing rights due to the loss of Newfoundland or dissatisfied Indian tribes over their affairs being largely ignored in the ambiguous treaty terms of Uteacher, ensuring and shaping future dissatisfaction which led to future breakouts of war as the century moved forward.