What is the treatment for stomach ulcers?

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Gastric(stomach) ulcers are crater like lesions in the lining of the stomach. They can also be located in the duodenum(small intestine). The lesions cause pain and may lead to perforation and bleeding. Most gastric ulcers are caused by the bacteria Helicobacter pylori.

Treatment of gastric ulcers is twofold. First, proper antibiotic therapy aimed at eradicating the H. pylori is initiated. Secondly, medications that decrease gastric acid are started. Increased amounts of gastric acid aggravate the ulcer and make it worse.

People with diagnosed gastric ulcers can also make lifestyle changes to decrease the amount of acid in their stomachs like quitting smoking, decreasing stress.

giorgiana1976 | Student

Gastric and duodenal ulcer continues to be a major medical problem. Both cause pain and digestive disorders in 10% of people, in certain periods of their lives, and after some severe complications, such as bleeding, may be the cause of premature death.

If until 1976 the only radical treatment of ulcers, designed to control gastric acid secretion, was the surgery, today there is a specific medication, effective to treat ulcers, without the need for surgery.

The treatment is of long duration and is mandatory accompanied by a strict diet. If an untreated ulcer slowly erodes the wall of a blood vessel lining, the result is internal bleeding. Vessel is bleeding inside the stomach, and the first sign is rapid fatigue and dizziness, fainting, the feeling of abdominal fullness, followed by haematemesis (vomiting blood) or melena (blood elimination with faeces). Perforation is less common than bleeding complication, its severity is at least equal if not greater, than the bleeding. A perforated ulcer  requires close care, otherwise death can occur within 48 hours.

Natural treatment:

* 5 days cure with non acidic fruit juices, milk, vegetables (cabbage, potato, carrot, red beet, cucumber, spinach), every day eat 4-5 raw egg whites, made foam (without sugar), broken into 3-4 meals.

* The cure of juices and raw vegetables is held 1-2 months without eating onion, garlic, peppers (acute phase).

* 3 x 1 tablespoon lime coal per day.

* Cure of aloe preparation.

* Green barley juice, 3 x 50 ml. per day.

* Pollen, 2 x 2 tbsp, before meals (morning, noon).

* Internal cure with clay.

* A bath of sunlight per day.

* In case of haematemesis (vomiting blood) will practice bed rest, ice on the abdomen, remove the solid food, drink cold liquids with small sip rare (water with ice cubes, tea hemostatic).

* Gradually, after stopping bleeding, drink milk, eat fresh cheese, yogurt, raw egg white foam, mashed cereal.

* Practice exercise, first slowly, with easy movements, simple exercises, stair climbing, walking, dancing, yoga breathing techniques.

* Acupuncture, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, meditation, reflexology, shiatsu.

* Medical supervision.

sreejaa | Student

If an ulcer has already been diagnosed then to alleviate the quite considerable pain felt and in order to try and flush away the resulting build-up of acidity so healing can be achieved, after a meal it is recommended that the sufferer drinks a glass of milk and eats a banana as the properties found within these products neutralize the acidity.

Other foodstuffs recommended as Ayurvedic remedy for stomach ulcers

  • Raw and boiled vegetables
  • Other fruits
  • Butter
  • Cream
  • Other calcium enriched products

Not only do they contain the calcium and goodness to alleviate ulcers, but also form part of the diet needed in order to stave falling victim to them in the first place.

As already stated you should avoid hot spicy foods and any other foods that will lead to the build-up of stomach gases and acidity.

Ayurvedic herbal remedies for stomach ulcers

  • Bananas
  • Almond milk
  • Lime
  • Vegetable juice
  • Chandan
  • Bansalochan

These can either be ingested by themselves or as by-products of other foodstuffs or herbal remedies. All come either as roots, fruits or in capsules and powders.

Ayurvedic herbal supplements to remedy stomach ulcers

  • Ayucid
  • Avipattikar Churna
  • Mahashankha Bati
  • Prawal Bhasma

Again all are available in a variety of products and can be ingested in a similarly wide ranging fashion.

All have the ability to cleanse the digestive system by neutralizing the acid and to boost the fight against the ulcer.

Ayurvedic massage as remedy for stomach ulcers

Overall lifestyle is a great factor in contracting a stomach ulcer. Not only should you moderate your intake of unsuitable foods and stop smoking, but you should avoid all stress.

Thus having a regular massage can de-stress you and help prevent an ulcer. It need not be complicated nor time consuming neither. A quick twenty minute massage with the right essential oils, some of the herbal remedies mentioned previously would be fine if they are oils or can be mixed together into one, will do wonders for your personal sense of balance and if done regularly will give you a calm that will banish all stresses.

Yoga and meditation will also give the same feeling of ease and induce a sensation of inner tranquility and a peace with the world.

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