The Most Dangerous Game Traps

What are the traps that Rainsford puts up for General Zaroff in "The Most Dangerous Game"?

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dbrooks22 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Rainsford sets three traps for General Zaroff. Rainsford’s first trap is a Maylay man-catcher. He sets up a dead tree so that it will fall and hit Zaroff. Zaroff, however, sees the tree and manages to dodge it, receiving only a shoulder wound. When Zaroff goes to get his wound attended to, Rainsford flees and finds himself on the part of the island that has quicksand. He quickly digs a pit a few feet from the quicksand and puts sharpened sticks in the bottom. He then covers the pit with “a rough carpet of weeds and branches.” This Burmese tiger pit is effective because it kills one of Zaroff’s best dogs. The third trap Rainsford makes quickly because Zaroff is not far behind him. He ties his knife to a sapling. He ties the sapling back with some vine. This trap is also effective because when it is triggered, it hits and kills Ivan, Zaroff’s servant.

mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Maybe there is yet another trap: The final trap is the escaping of Rainsford to hide behind the curtains and spring into Zaroff's view just as the general prepares to lie in his bed, trapping him into a duel, the final game.

hikozarublaze | Student

Yes, there could be 4 traps, but she is asking the main traps. The 3 below that one of the teachers answered is correct. The 3 traps were most challenging to make and goes through a different process. Yea, the fox one is a trap, but if you take a quiz, you should say there can be 4 but there are only 3 main traps.

devmurr | Student

we read this in my school a little while ago. There are four traps in the story. The first is called The Fox Hunt. That's when Rainsford loops his track like a fox does to throw off Zaroff because he is following his tracks. The second one is called The Maylay Mancatcher. That's when he positions a tree to fall on Zaroff, but it only injures his shoulder. The third trap is called, Burmese Tiger pit. That's when he makes a pit and put sharpened sticks at the bottom and cover the pit with leaves. This doesn't kill Zaroff, but it does kill one of his best tracking dogs. The fourth and final trap is called the Uganda Knife Trick. This is when he attaches a knife to a branch and when you step on the trip wire it releases, stabbing you. Again, this doesnt kill Zaroff but it does kill his servant Ivan.

meah | Student

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