What is the trap made by the detective in Hemingway's short story, "The Killers?"

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clstockdale80 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hemingway's story, "The Killers," part of the Nick Adams series, is a brief but eerie tale of two hit-men taking over a small town diner as they wait to kill the "Swede." In this original version, the story ends with Nick Adams leaving the Swede's room after warning him about the men. The 1946 film noir classic of the same name, however, continues the story well beyond where Papa left off. Robert Siodmak directs a dark drama that does feature a detective of sorts...an insurance detective. The trap the detective eventually sets involves several bluffs. The detective pretends to have a death-bed confession from one of the men involved in a heist, as well as implies that a hotel chamber maid can spot the face of femme fatale, Kitty Collins. This move forces Kitty out from hiding and spirals the plot toward its deadly ending.

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