What is transnational post-colonialism?

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beateach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Transnational post-colonialism refers to the changes that occur within a country or group of people when colonization by another country occurs. The term generally refers to the area of study associated with the results of colonization. It examines changes in the power structures, language, religion, and general living conditions of the people whose land has been colonized by another group. It is inevitable that the indigenous population will be changed by the group that colonizes their land but those who colonize the land also undergo changes. The European powers have colonized areas all over the world which resulted in a globalization of power as languages, literature, and social norms both collide and interact forming new social norms based on those of the cultures that meet. Therefore, trans-national post-colonialism refers to the study of mixture of the culture, ideas, living conditions, and governments that occur in the aftermath of colonization.