Identify And Describe Some Consequences Of The Revival Of Trade On Medieval Europe

How did the revival of trade and cities during the High Middle Ages impact European society as a whole?

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Trade in the High Middle Ages came from several major events in world history; let's focus on the Black Death and the Crusades.

From 1347-1351, the Black Death travelled across the Asian Steppes and found its way into Sicily from Italian merchant ships trading across the Black Sea.  The plague was devastating for Europe; most estimates place the death toll at about 1/3 of Europe's population.  One of the biggest social impacts the plague had on feudal manors was that it killed off a majority of peasants in some regions.  With less labor to keep the fields productive and tilled, the peasants were overburdened with work and demanded more rights.  The economy suffered and Europe looked more heavily into trade.  Guilds formed to train more people in crafts and artisanry, and coupled with banking systems and networks like the...

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