What transaction or accounts are to be recorded as journal vouchers?

Expert Answers
thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A journal voucher is an accounting process that is used in processing journal or accounting entries. It serves the purpose of authorizing, correcting and tracking business transactions by providing what is known as an audit trail. The journal vouchers are used to provide a record of the transactions which appear in the general ledger. Journal vouchers help in magnifying transaction errors for instance payments charged to wrong accounts. The voucher contains vital information that helps in transaction tracking and also contains information that shows which accounts are affected. Journal vouchers contain dates and serial numbers, to ensure that the date and type of transaction is recorded for purposes of future reference during audits. The exact amount is also captured in the journal voucher and this figure is cross checked to ensure the figure recorded is correct. A brief description of the transaction is also recorded to provide background information about the nature of transaction.

Transactions and accounts that make transfers from one account to another, for instance, purchases, sales, debit and credit transactions are provided as journal vouchers.