What are traits that describe Shrek, Fiona, Gingy, Lord Farquaad and the donkey in the movie and the musical Shrek?

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Here are some starter points:

Shrek is self-loathing at times and feels that he does not really fit in. He also has a tough exterior, but he is a big teddy bear inside.

Fiona feels trapped by her status. Inside she is a free person with passion and want to be a little crazy, quite frankly.

Lord Farquaad is an arrogant superficial jerk. He is filled with his own self-importance and everyone loves to hate him. He is the opposite of Shrek.

Donkey is comic relief in the best sense. He is also sweet.

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I think your teacher is asking you to write a compare/contrast type of essay.

Begin by asking yourself some questions:

  • How are these characters alike? (Make a list for each character)
  • How are they different? (Make a list for each character)

First of all, they are all imaginary or not real. Each of these creatures alludes to a fairy-tale story.

As you write your essay, you will want to include examples and descriptions from the movie of how each of these characters exemplify the character traits you list.

Good luck!

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