What traits does the sniper exhibit after being wounded?

Expert Answers
kmj23 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After being shot by his enemy, the sniper exhibits a number of traits. Firstly, he shows his self-reliant and practical nature by attending to his injury. He removes his sleeve, for example, cleans the wound with iodine and then dresses it. This also shows that he is a strong person because he does this in spite of the pain it causes.

Secondly, the sniper also shows himself to be very resourceful when he develops a plan to escape from the roof. His plan shows great ingenuity: he puts a cap on the top of his rifle and tricks the enemy into believing that he is the rifle.

Finally, the sniper also demonstrates curiosity. After seeing the body of his enemy on the ground, the sniper is curious to learn more about his identity. In a tragic twist, however, the enemy is, in fact, the sniper's own brother.